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Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Fiber-Based Ballistic Protection Materials



The paper presents results of dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) of fiber-based laminates produced for hard ballistic applications. The traditional testing of ballistic protection systems with the use of live ammunition requires a suitable firing range as well as additional measuring equipment. Due to significant costs of such testing development of a reliable and cost-effective method of determining mechanical properties is well justified. The tested hard ballistic laminates included two types of materials Dyneema® HB80 and Twaron CT 736. The experiments were carried out with the use of DMA Q800 analyzer produced by TA Instruments. The rectangular samples with dimensions of 60x10x2 mm were subjected to dual-cantilever bending with the heating rate of 2K/min at three frequencies of applied force measuring 1, 10 and 100 Hz. Values of dynamic storage modulus E’, dynamic loss modulus E†were presented in dependence on temperature in the ranges from -500C to +600C and +300C to 1500C. The influence of frequency of applied force on the results was also investigated for the polyethylene sample. The principle of operation of DMA analysis, measured values as well as proper experimental conditions are described. The experimental results obtained with DMA of polyethylene and aramid ballistic materials are evaluated and compared. The main aim of the research was to apply advanced testing technique for evaluation of ballistic protection materials in order to determine their mechanical properties.


Dynamic mechanical analysis, fiber-based composites, ballistic protection


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