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Laboratory Tests of Pyrotechnic Delay Ignition used in the Rockets Motors



The article features several methods of the pyrotechnic delay ignition (PDI) laboratory tests. PDI is used as an ignition source in rocket motor. PDI is used in the projectile with assisted rockets or antitank rocket projectile. The task of the PDI is to ignite the rocket motor with a certain time delay at a given distance from the projectile launch. Therefore, a proper operation of PDI affects the reliability of the ammunition and, above all, the safety of the shooter. The article describes the construction of the PDI and the pyrotechnic delay charge (PDC) – the main component of the PDI was outlined. Then several types of laboratory tests in different variants were carried out. In the tests a CO2 laser, the high speed camera and the optical and acoustic sensors were used. The authors also proposed a new method of the PDI research, which uses the real time radioscopy (RTR) with the possibility of observing the images in real time. The advantage of the RTR method is the possibility to observe the combustion front in the PDC. The received results were verified to evaluate different types of the laboratory tests.


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