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Two-Dimensional Numerical Investigation of the Influence of Axial Length on Continuous Rotating Detonation Engine



To study the characteristics of flow field in combustion chamber of continuous rotating detonation engine (CRDE), based on Two-dimensional Conservation Element and Solution Element (CE/SE) method, the numerical simulation was carried out to the effects of combustor axial length on the flow fields and propulsive performances of CRDE. Results show that the CE/SE method is quite efficient to capture the detonation wave. The flow field structure of the combustor is qualitatively consistent with the experimental results of kerosene/air/oxygen mixture detonation. With the increase of the axial length, the length of oblique shock wave and the average values of the axial velocity increase, while the fluctuation at exit, the peak values and average values of the exit pressure and exit density decrease. In addition, the peak values of the axial velocity rise first and then fall, and the circumferential velocity decreases. With the axial length increasing, the flow field needs more time to reach quasi-steady state, the specific impulse first increases and then remains constant.


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