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Experiments and Numerical Simulation on the Expanding Processes of High Pressure Hot Gas Jet in Bulk-Loaded Liquid



An experimental system, which was composed of a high-pressure gas jet generator, transparent chambers with various interior geometries and a high-speed video recorder, was built for the investigation of interactions between high-pressure gas jet and bulk-loaded liquid. A gas-liquid two-phase turbulent flow model was also developed. The experimental and calculated results indicated that in the multi-stage stepped-wall combustion chamber, the two-phase flow was induced by the step, the radial expansion was enhanced and the axial expansion was retarded, thus the Taylor-Helmholtz instability which generated due to the effect of shear at gas-liquid interface decreased. The chamber geometry and the jet intensity had evident effects on the jet expanding and turbulent mixing processes. The presented work is helpful to better understand the physical processes of combustion gas expanding in bulk-loaded liquid.


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