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Improved Theory of Projectile Trajectory Reference Heights as Characteristics of Meteo-Ballistic Sensitivity Functions



Projectile trajectories calculated under non-standard conditions are considered to be perturbed. The tools utilized for the analysis of perturbed trajectories are weighting factor functions (WFFs), which are a special kind of sensitivity functions. WFFs are used for calculation of meteo ballistic elements μB (the ballistic wind wB, the virtual temperature Ï„B, the pressure pB, the density ÏB, the speed of sound a as well. An effect of weapon system parameters can be incorporated into calculations through the reference height of trajectory – RHT. RHT are also calculated from WFFs. Methods based on RHT are far more effective than traditional methods that use weighting factors q. We have found that the existing theory of RHT has several shortcomings due to we created an improved theory of generalized RHT which represents a special sensitivity parameters of dynamical systems. Using this theory will improve methods for designing firing tables, fire control systems algorithms, and meteo message generation algorithms.


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