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Two-Channel Projectile Deceleration History Registration During Their High-Speed Motion with Erosion in Target



The study is a continuation of the works that have been presented at the Symposia since 25th ISB. This paper presents the results of application of the piezometric technologies in the area of multi-channel measurements for high-speed interaction of projectile with target. Results of simultaneous registration of projectile deceleration history in the axial and lateral direction are presented for the first time. Registration is carried out in the process of curvilinear motion of the projectile in the cavity to a complete stop after inclined impact at the target. Also for the first time presents the results of dual registration history acceleration of composite elements of the projectile. The registration was done during the movement of the projectile with erosion in the target following the impact with moving target at velocities up to 1.5 km/s. The range of detected values of accelerations (decelerations of the projectile during direct interaction with the target) shows its record high value in the number of published studies of the processes of terminal ballistics using the piezometry.

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