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The Use of Light Metal Alloys for Ultralight Multi-Layer Structures of Passive Armours



The paper contains information on light metal alloys of titanium, aluminium and magnesium selected for use in multilayer structures intended for the construction of passive armours. The selected alloys reach the following levels of the tensile strength: Ti alloys: 500÷1050MPa, Al alloys: 300÷600MPa, Mg alloys: 280÷340MPa. For these alloys, the parameter equally important as high strength is adequate ductility. Using the above mentioned light metal alloys, multilayer test materials were made. These materials also included special ceramics such as Al2O3, SiC, B4C polyethylene, laminates reinforced with glass fibres or aramid fabric. The results have proved an effective stopping of armour piercing projectiles of the 7.62mm and 14,5mm calibre assigned to resistance levels 2÷4 according to STANAG 4569 standard. For various levels of resistance, the weight of 1m2 of the multi-layer test material based on the examined light metals was up to 20kg for level 2, up to 65kg for level 3, and ~95kg for level 4..

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