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Modelling Bullet Richochet from Wooden Targets



Recently, in the Netherlands impact experiments were performed using flat wooden targets with different physical properties. Materials studied include Obeche, Meranti, Beech, Spruce, Pine, and Ipé. In these ricochet experiments 7.65 mm Browning (.32 Auto) and 9 mm Luger projectiles were used. In this paper the critical impact angle ac for bullet ricochet is studied using analytical models. For the modelling work physical properties of wood and the projectile relevant to ricochet will be discussed. In a first approximation, deformations and grain structure of the wood will be neglected. The bullet ricochets will be evaluated using the analytical ricochet models of Tate and Rosenberg et al. developed for impacting rods. However, the ricochet model of Wijk predicts the critical impact angle ac best. Possible reasons for differences between the model and experimental results are given.

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