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Application of an Electromagnetic Diagnostic Technique for In-Flight Shaped Charge Jet and Hypervelocity Particle Characterization



An electromagnetic measurement technique is used to augment the characterization and understanding of hypervelocity projectiles before impact. The paper includes a short description of the method, while focusing on its recent utilization for jet particles and gunlaunched hypervelocity projectiles. Data from the applied electromagnetic diffusion technique allowed both size and velocity characterization of particles from 0.5 mm up to 5 mm in diameter with velocities ranging from (but not limited to) 1000 m/s to 4000 m/s. This includes a series of experimental tests for method validation and calibration using light gas gun propelled laboratory projectiles as well as characterization of particles from a RISI Teledyne model RP-4SC small commercially available shaped charge. Techniques for narrowing the detection signal such as electromagnetic shielding and differential sensing enable measurements of multiple particles with separations on the order of 20 mm. Thus, we show that the presented method has potential to enhance ballistic studies by providing an additional technique to expand current hypervelocity projectile diagnostics, increasing capabilities in the area of in-flight characterization of projectiles before and during impact for dynamic material and validation studies. Part of the presentation given in the present paper is taken from a recent publication by the same authors [J. Appl. Phys. 118, 184901 (2015)].

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