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Bullet Impact and Slow Cook-Off Enhancement for a Small Thermobaric Warhead



Enhancements to a small thermobaric warhead were incorporated to improve the Insensitive Munition (IM) response to Bullet Impact (BI) and Slow Cook-Off (SCO). The munition currently does not receive a passing reaction for BI, SCO, or Fragment Impact (FI). The original plan was to address BI and SCO, the two worst ratings, however cost savings were realized and FI was also tested. IM technology integration included replacement of the baseline thermobaric material with a shock mitigating reactive lining system and the integration of a modified aft closure and aft closure vent cover. The warhead with the IM technology integration resulted in passing reactions in all three tests, BI, SCO, and FI. In addition to improving the IM response, it was important to maintain or potentially improve the thermobaric component of this system. The thermobaric performance was testing through the static detonation of the warheads in an instrumented two-room structure. While the predicted Blast Overpressure (BOP) lethality of the baseline verses the IM enhanced warhead were similar, the IM enhanced warhead exhibited a reduction in thermobaric performance.

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