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New Generation Ignition Simulator Device



Modern ammunition present complex architectures and may use LOVA propellant, which require high performance igniters. This paper presents the implementation of a new generation ignition simulator, for characterizing, evaluating and validating the performances of the new igniters. This simulator is designed, manufactured, tested by Nexter Munitions and funded by DGA (French MoD).This experimental device allows to study interaction between an ignition composition and a propellant grain, between the igniter and a propellant grain and between the igniter and a full loading (from the 40 mm caliber to the 155 mm caliber). It provides access to extensive data for a better understanding of ignition process. Thanks to these data, the work of development of igniters, including for LOVA propellants, is easier. This allows more complex designs in order to increase the effectiveness of these igniters. We can also optimize new ammunition architecture and improve operating safety.

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