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Numerical Model of Tubular Composite Sandwich Structures under Low-Velocity Impact



This study aims to investigate the dynamic impact response of tubular composite structures with honeycomb sandwich core under transverse low-velocity impact (LVI) test. We establish a finite element analysis (FEA) model of composite sandwich structures. Simulation results are compared with experimental results to verify the correctness of the model and analysis method. This model can accurately predict the impact response and damage mechanisms of a composite sandwich structure, as validated by experimental testing, specifically capturing major failure modes. LVI experiments are conducted utilizing cylindrical impact striker to enact both point and line impact. Damage mechanisms, such as matrix cracking, delamination, and fiber breakage/rupture, occur in the facesheet, as well as honeycomb crushing and breakage in the core. The combination of experimental and numerical results illustrates the effects of facesheet thickness and core thickness on failure mechanisms. A three-dimensional model can also be used to clearly visualize the effect of different core material properties on the failure mechanism and dynamic response during an impact event.


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