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Feature-Based Design for Manufacturing Guidelines for Dry Fibre AFP

Mattia Di Francesco, Laura Veldenz, Simon Astwood, Peter Giddings, Giuseppe Dell’Anno, Kevin Potter


This work provides a validated method to define feature-based Design for Manufacturing guidelines for the layup of bindered dry fibre tapes by laser-assisted Automated Fibre Placement, based on the layup of unidirectional strips. Unidirectional strips and Quasi Isotropic preforms were laid over 90° corner inner mould tools, using a range of process parameters. The effect of the tool geometry (5 to 25 mm radius) and of the process parameters (compaction force and roller material) on the preform thickness were measured using a non-contact laser line scanner. The method was used to determine the minimum tool corner radius which yields satisfactory quality preforms. This was found to be 25 mm.

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