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Fatigue Investigation on Asphalt Mixture Layers’ Interface

Ivan Isailović, Augusto Cannone Falchetto, Michael Wistuba


In this paper the interface shear fatigue performance is investigated based on a new fatigue test protocol, which includes both cyclic shear and normal static compressive load. Several asphalt structure types are tested at five temperatures (from -10°C to 50°C) and three normal stress levels (from 0 MPa to 0.50 MPa). Based on fatigue tests at three different shear amplitude levels unique fatigue functions of the layers’ interface were identified. It was found that the interface shear fatigue performance is highly dependent on normal stress state and increases with increasing normal stress. This is a direct consequence of the enhanced friction, adhesion, and interlock at the shear interface. Observing the fatigue lives at different test temperatures, the best resistance was observed at lowest temperature. From a practical viewpoint, it is highly recommended to perform the test without normal stress application, since this can better reflect the research and practice experience, while keeping the testing protocol to a reasonable level of complexity.

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