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Detection of Defects in Composites Using Vibro-acoustic Modulation

B.-Y. CHEN, S.-K. SOH, H.-P. LEE, T.-E. TAY, V.B.C. TAN


This paper employs a nonlinear acoustic method, namely, the Vibro-Acoustic Modulation method (VAM), for the detection of delamination and kissing bond in composites. Both a large-amplitude/low-frequency pumping wave and a low-amplitude ultrasound probing wave are used to vibrate the structure. Permanently bonded piezoceramic transducers are used for both excitation and measurement. Current results show that VAM as implemented in this work successfully differentiates the intact specimens from both the delamination and the kissing bond specimens used in this study.

doi: 10.12783/SHM2015/315

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