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Research on Propagation of Guided Wave in Narrow Plate and Damage Detection



Propagation of guide waves in narrow steel plate is investigated for the purpose of damage detection in grounding grid. Different from the traditional bonding methods in the literature, piezoelectric actuator was mounted on the side of the plate to generate identifiable guided wave packets, which can be used directly in the damage identification. Excitation frequency is optimally selected to increase precision of damage detection. Based on the proposed excitation method, plates with a notch and corrosion defects were modeled. The results disclose the wave reflected from the damages. Waves reflected from notch and corrosion show different features due to the different interaction between guided waves and the two types of damages. Narrow plates with different damage size are further studied. With increasing size of both notches and corrosions, amplitude of damage reflection increased steadily.

doi: 10.12783/SHM2015/86

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