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A Novel Probabilistic Diagnostic Algorithm-Based Damage Localization for Aluminum Plates with Non-uniform Sections



Reconstruction algorithm for the probability inspection of defects (RAPID) is a new kind of tomography technique for detection and monitoring for structures. Variations in Lamb wave signals of the reference (without damage) and present (with damage) states from individual sensing paths are calibrated as damage signatures and utilized to estimate the probability of the presence of damage. Guided wave based damage detection for plate-like structures have been widely studied in the literature for plates with same thickness. However, plates with nonuniform sections are also key structures in some engineering applications, such as hull of ships. The weight function determines the shape of the effective area which is regarded as ellipse. This elliptical weight function limits the applications of the method to identify damage in non-uniform section plates (NUSP). In this study, a novel method is proposed to choose the weight function to suit not only uniform section plates but also non-uniform section plates. This method is further studied in aluminum plates. The results presented in this study demonstrate that the improvement introduced in the conventional RAPID can considerably increase the precision of the localization for damage in the plate with non-uniform sections.

doi: 10.12783/SHM2015/67

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