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Phenylethynyl-Terminated Polyimide (LaRC PETI-5), Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplatelets (xGnP), and Their Composites: An Overview



In order to understand the characterization, properties, and processing of phenylethynyl-terminated imide (LaRC PETI-5) oligomers and polymers as a hightemperature sizing material for carbon fiber composites, the imidization and thermal curing behaviors based on phenylethynyl end-group reaction were explored. The role of LaRC PETI-5 as a high-temperature interphase sizing material to enhance the interfacial adhesion between the carbon fiber and the BMI matrix as well as the dynamic mechanical properties of carbon/BMI composites was discussed. Real-time thermal expansion behavior of intercalated graphite flake was preliminarily studied. The effects of exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets (xGnP) on the properties of LaRC PETI-5 matrix composites were also investigated. The dynamic mechanical and thermal properties, the fracture surface morphology, and the electrical resistivity of phenylethynyl-terminated polyimide composites reinforced with xGnP were emphasized. The effect of carboxyl-terminated poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile) (CTBN)-functionalized xGnP on the impact toughness, tensile properties, thermal stability, fracture surfaces and electrical surface resistivity of xGnP/vinyl ester composites has been stressed.

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