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How to Choose the Best Application Technology for your Specific Coating Requirements

Jerry Trostle


Achieving the ideal finish requires not only the proper coating, but the right application method as well. Even a perfect formulation can be compromised if improperly applied. The applicator can affect droplet size, wetting, film thickness, electrostatic wrap, and other properties than can adversely affect a coatings performance and appearance. This paper reviews alternative technologies for spray application and the technical trade-offs for each approach. These options include conventional air spray, airless and air-assisted airless, HVLP, rotary atomizers and other electrostatic techniques. We review the suitability of each technology with regard to atomization, transfer efficiency, cost, and suitability for various paint chemistries. The goal is to provide both formulators and end-users with a clear understanding of how a rich toolkit of application options can be utilized for industrial coating applications.

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