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Delamination Initiation and Propagation in Composite Thick Beam Using Cohesive Zone Model



Delamination failure mechanism in a thick composite beam is investigated using finite element method and cohesive zone model. A thick composite beam with bolted region is considered in this study. A finite element model is developed in ABAQUS and delamination initiation and propagation is simulated using cohesive zone model. The thick composite beam is divided into eight sub-laminates and cohesive interfaces are modeled between each sub-laminate. Three different loading cases are consid- ered: bolt pretension, axial and bending loads. Nonlinear static analysis is carried out to study delamination failure behavior under these loads. Load displacement curves are obtained for different loading cases and it is observed that delamination initiated at the mid-plane of the beam and near the bolt holes. Failure behavior under different loading cases are investigated.

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