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High-Resolution Adiabatic Scanning Calorimetry Applied to the Phase Transitions in the n-Alkanes Tetradecane and Tetracosane



Adiabatic scanning calorimetry is a high-resolution calorimetric technique that is capable of determining enthalpy and heat capacity of a sample in thermodynamic equilibrium. In this work, the technique is applied to the phase transitions in the nn o i t i s n a r t l a t o t d n a s t a e h t n e t a l e h t r o f s e u l a V . e n a s o c a r t e t d n a e n a c e d a r t e t s e n a k l ah eats have been obtained, and strong evidence for the first-order character of the rotator-to-rotator transitions in the supercooled region of tetracosane is obtained.

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