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Numerical Investigation of Plasterboard Partitions Subjected to Fire: Confrontation between Numerical and Experimental Results



Plasterboard partitions which are widely used in construction have to satisfy technical approval for fire safety requirements from regulations. These fire safety approvals are generally evaluated from fire resistance tests performed in accredited laboratory. The dimensions of fire resistance furnace are a limitation to test and to approve high rise plasterboard partitions. In this context, a research program was initiated by Efectis whose main objective is to develop a numerical model for simulating a fire resistance test on plasterboard partitions. Based on simulated temperature field and estimation of the global bending of the partition wall, the model can predict collapse of height extension plasterboard partition in order to validate the fire resistance of high partition walls. In this paper, a thermo-mechanical model applied to plasterboard partitions is first presented. Simulation results of fire resistance tests on two plasterboard partitions under standard fire curve ISO-834-1 are detailed. Then, application of the model to height extensions and evaluation of fire performance are presented.

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