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Conversion of Visual Post Fire Measurements into Fire Severity with the Aid of Thermo-Plastic Analysis for Retrofitting



At Koksijde in Belgium a severe fire took place in an apartment building in 2015, resulting in the death of a young man and visible structural damage to four balconies. Following the fire, experts were mandated to assess the damage and the need for structural repair. They estimated that the balconies had to be refurbished but that there were no other structural elements affected, in particular the slab inside the apartment could be left in place with only a surface treatment and new plaster finishing. However, the floor slab in the apartment located above the fire apartment exhibited several visual indications that the fire could have had a structural impact, such as residual deformations and cracks in the tiles. This paper presents a methodology to infer the fire severity based on post-fire measurements and non-linear thermo-plastic numerical simulations. Finally, knowing the fire severity, its effect on the structure is evaluated and a reliability-based assessment is made of the residual load bearing capacity of the slab.

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