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Advanced Analysis of the Membrane Action of Composite Slabs under Natural Fire Scenarios: A Case Study of the New JTI Headquarters



The paper details the advanced natural fire simulations that were carried out for the composite steel-reinforced concrete structure of the JTI Building in Geneva. Such analyses led to a significant reduction of the fireproofing of the steel floor framing. Several scenarios were studied considering different thermal behaviours of the peripheral cladding. Despite the small thickness of the resisting slabs, the analyses carried out with SAFIR showed that the typical storey bay (12 m x 15.86 m) could resist to the design fire temperatures without the protection of the main and secondary beams while the spandrels remain protected. For study completeness, the composite frame-membrane model was also simulated with Hasemi localized fire routines on SAFIR. The results are here exposed and commented.

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