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Application of a Structural Health Monitoring System to the Minerão Stadium in Brazil



The paper describes the application of a Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system to a reinforced concrete and steel Minerão stadium , the biggest stadium of the Minas Gerais State in Brazil. The structure is composed of a ring of post-tensioned concrete L-shaped frames. The roof of the stadium was recently widened with a steel frame structure connected to concrete beams. The SHM system is composed by a set of accelerometers and strain gauges, installed in 3 sections of the structure of the stadium and in 1 area of the parking lot. The purpose is to follow the accelerations, deformations and stress states caused to the structure by cyclic actions such as the movement of the crowd and the wind action. The position and the design of sensors were defined starting from a preliminary technical inspection of the structure made through the use of climbers, that showed the presence of damage and defects due to fatigue actions (loose of bolts in correspondence to connections) and water infiltrations, mostly in the connection joints between steel frames and the concrete deck. Due to the dimension of the structural elements, the SHM was set to transmit using the LAN internal network of the stadium. Also, the wireless solution was taken into consideration, but it has been shown not to be reliable enough due to loss of data clusters during transmission. Finally, a web-based monitoring software was designed, with functions of frequency field analysis, damage detection analysis and an early warning alarm for extraordinary events. The software is reachable everywhere with an on-line visualization of the structural health conditions of the structure.


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