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Monitoring of Bridges by Optical Strands



A comprehensive solution for the monitoring of the structural behavior of bridges is described, based on continuous strain measures by Optical Strands at a high sampling rate and over a long duration. Optical Strands are strain sensors using fiber optics technology which combine easy set-up, robustness, long life-span and immediate response even for high sampling rates. The system is very relevant for in-situ nondestructive load tests but is also dedicated to long-term monitoring. The monitoring of bridges by Optical Strands involves many challenges in data analysis, due to the large amount of measures at different time scales. By analyzing long-term tendencies as well as short variations of strain recorded for dynamic events such as traffic loads, earthquakes or strong winds, it is possible to get relevant information of many kinds about the structural behavior and the use of the bridge. The continuous monitoring is meant for being integrated in the bridge management in a permanent way. On-the-way upgraded scores and real-time notifications displayed on a general interface which gather many different bridges makes these structures become a new part of the IOT.

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