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Numerical Calculation of a Blast Load on the Example of a Slab and Wall Structure of any Geometry



Nowadays, due to increasingly common acts of terrorism, particular attention should be paid to ensuring safety of a structure in an accidental design situation, such as for example an interior explosion. When designing a blast-resistant structure, designer has to possess knowledge about the phenomenon of explosion. At the moment of detonation of an explosive charge shock wave radiates inside the existing structure. A process of reflection starts when it reaches a wall or a slab. This problem has been solved for a single wall isolated from the structure and many tests have been carried out. Currently researchers investigate how the shock wave propagates across the entire structural system, where reflected from one of the walls (or the floor) it reaches other elements. The paper presents a numerical solution to a partially confined explosion within vented slab and wall structure of any geometry. A computer program that establishes reflected shock overpressure was developed and will help designers to check the load-bearing capacity of the structure in an accidental situation (an explosion

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