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Effect of Soil Type on Pile-Soil Interaction



This paper investigates the effect of changing the type of soil on pile-soil interaction. The pile-soil interaction was investigated in soft and stiff soils. Also, the analysis pile-soil interaction was conducted under the effect of lateral loads. The analysis of the pile-soil interaction was performed using the finite difference (FD) software LPILE, finite element (FE) modeling of pile- soil interaction using Abaqus/Cae, and FE modeling using SAP2000. A lateral displacement of 0.787 in. was applied to the top of the pile while maintaining a zero slope in a guided fixation. The bending moment and lateral displacement along the depth of the pile was reported. A good agreement was found between the results of the FE models and the FD solution. The results indicated that embedding piles in stiffer soils leads to larger moments and smaller displacements.

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