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Assessment of Residual Strength in Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete at Various Elevated Temperature



This experimental investigation was focused on the study of compressive behavior of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) subjected to different sustained elevated temperature ranging from 1000 C to 4000 C. In order to evaluate the effect of elevated temperature on M40 grade SFRC steel fibers of length 30 mm were used. Specimens were casted by using 0%, 1%, and 2% volume fractions. Data obtained from laboratory test results showed that residual strength varied inversely with the quantity of fibers at all levels of sustained elevated temperatures. The compressive toughness of SFRC was also evaluated to investigate the mechanical properties of SFRC at sustained elevated temperatures of 1000 C, 2000 C 3000 C and 4000 C. Test results showed that increase in the volume of steel fibers does not have significant variation in compressive strength at room temperature whereas it is observed that there is a decreasing trend in the residual compressive strength of SFRC up to sustained elevated temperature of 4000 C.

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