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Effect of Elevated Temperatures on the Performance of Concrete Using Manufactured Sand



The huge quantity of concrete is consumed by construction industry all over the world. In India, the conventional concrete is produced by using natural sand obtained from riverbeds as fine aggregate. Dwindling sand resources poses the environmental problem and hence government restrictions on sand quarrying has resulted in scarcity and significant increase in its cost. This study presents the effect of the use of manufactured sand as fine aggregate in concrete. The experimental work is mainly concerned with the study of mechanical properties like compressive strength and residual compressive strength of manufactured sand concrete at elevated temperature for various percentage replacement of natural sand by manufactured sand. Concrete cube specimen were tested at ambient, 2000C, 4000C, 6000C and at 8000C with 2 hours of retention for their residual compressive strengths. The change in weight loss of concrete at these temperatures is also measured and discussed. Test results have shown increase in compressive strength at any level of replacement of natural sand by manufactured sand. The study has also shown no adverse effect on residual strengths at elevated temperatures


manufactured sand, part replacement, concrete, performance, strength lossText

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