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Parallel Time-Accurate Computations of Dynamic Derivatives



This paper describes a multidisciplinary computational study undertaken to compute the free-flight aerodynamics including the dynamics derivatives of projectiles. Advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and rigid body dynamics (RBD) capabilities have been successfully fully coupled on high performance computing (HPC) platforms for “Virtual Fly-Outs” of munitions. Time-accurate Navier-Stokes computations have been performed to compute the unsteady aerodynamics associated with the free flight of projectiles using an advanced scalable unstructured flow solver on a highly parallel Linux Cluster. Some results relating to the portability and the performance of the flow solver on the Linux clusters are also addressed. Time-accurate numerical techniques include both the “virtual fly-out” and “virtual wind tunnel” techniques. All aerodynamic force and moment coefficients including the dynamic damping derivatives have been extracted from coupled CFD/RBD numerical solutions. Time-accurate CFD has been used separately to compute the dynamic pitch-damping derivatives using the virtual wind tunnel technique. Computed dynamic pitch-damping derivatives using this virtual wind tunnel method have been compared with those obtained from the fully coupled virtual fly-out approach and flight tests.

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