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The In-transit Monitoring Method and Safety Assessment for Service Load of Lateral Steel-wood Stop at Long and Big Freight Cars



Aiming at the lateral dynamic load safety problem of large cargo railway transportation, a method for monitoring the lateral load of the load beam stop structure based on the lateral force flow transmission path is proposed. A combined lateral load transfer measuring device designed by cargo – wood stop - load sensing element – stop structure is designed. The device is used to monitor the lateral load of the real vehicle test in the well car transporting of large transformers, and the lateral transfer loads of different curves with different radius and different running speeds are analyzed. The conclusions are as follows: ( 1 ) During transportation ,the maximum transmission load of the lateral stop of the load beam is 66.1 kN , which occurs when the curve radius is 600m and the running speed is 46.99km/h , and the allowable load value which meets the safety requirements is lower than 141KN; (2) The transmission load of the lateral stop of the load beam has a linear relationship with the centrifugal force parameters of the train curve passing through, and the mathematical fitting expression of the transverse load and centrifugal force parameters is given, which provides a sub-important data reference for the static and dynamic fatigue safety assessment of the lateral stop structure before the overloading special transportation begins.


long and big freight car steel-wood stop in-transit monitoring and safety assessment pressure sensors lateral force loadText

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