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Design and Integration of Maglev Platform Mobile Detection System Based on Multi-sensors



With the rapid development of urban rail transit, maglev train is gradually applied to daily transportation due to its fast speed, low energy consumption, high punctuality, and other advantages. Detecting the maglev boundary and obstacle is very important for the safety and smooth operation of the maglev train. Currently, there is no developed technology for maglev detection; the traditional manual detection method is low efficiency. Laser profile scanners can obtain the point cloud of the maglev cross-section and can be used to construct maglev track models. In this study, the mobile detection system on maglev platform was designed and integrated based on three laser profile scanners, an inertial measure unit (IMU) equipped with a GNSS receiver antenna, a GPS clock, a router. In order to complete multi-sensors data fusion to get the three-dimensional point cloud, the time synchronization, calibration and spatial synchronization were finished, the integrated maglev platform detection system based on multi-sensors can get high precision point cloud data surrounding the track, and can be used to detect the boundary and obstacle such as trees, human being and other weird materials in the range of maglev dynamic way, ensuring the safety of train operation.

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