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Magnetic Shielding Performance of Railway Vehicle Moving Detection System Based on Magnetoresistive Effect



This present paper studied Magnetic shielding performance of Railway vehicle moving detection system Based on magnetoresistive principle. Based on analyzing the present research situation of train dynamic offset detection at home and abroad, and the detection principle and method based on electromagnetic theory. Based on magnetoresistive effect , this paper put forward the system model of train dynamic offset and discussed the interference form from external magnetic field, proposed the use of shield to eliminate external magnetic field interference. Magnetic shielded finite element model was established by ANSYS software, and the rationality and accuracy of the simulation were determined by grid independent analysis. In this design, the change of the distance between the interference pole and the test point, the change of the distance between the test point and the side wall of the magnetic shield, and the relative position change between the interference pole and the open side of the opening shield is simulated. The results show that the magnetic shield can effectively suppress the interference of external magnetic field , shielding mask magnetic shielding performance in the 0.1G and below the accuracy of the magnetic shielding performance is good.

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