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Manufacturing Risk Analysis of Stamping Parts Based on Stainless Steel Urban Railway Car Laser Welding



The laser welding technology used in the steel structure manufacturing of the stainless steel urban railway car requires almost no assembly gap to weld, which puts forward a new subject for stamping parts accuracy and welding impacting fixture. In order to satisfied the laser welding technology almost 0 assembly gap requirement to stamping parts, according to the structure of stamping parts and the condition of welding impacting fixture, this paper analysis and researches the risks of the structure of stamping parts, tolerance direction, process methods, detection methods, quality management and other aspects, and optimizes the technology to ensure the stamping parts’ assembly gap involved in laser welding is minimum by controlling the dimension and the geometric tolerance accuracy, such as the parts’ main point, line or flat, which effectively ensure the quality of laser welding.


Laser Welding, Sandwich Structure, Stamping Parts, Assembly Gap, Tolerance DirectionText

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