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The Electric Field Intensity and Potential Distribution Analysis of the Pantograph and Its Supporting Insulators of Electrical Multiple Unit



The high voltage system of an EMU (electrical multiple unit) is an important part of the power supply, and its electrical safety is directly related to the safe and stable operation of the EMU. With the increasing speeds of EMUs, the high-voltage equipment of the EMU should not only sustain the normal working voltages of the contact network, but also withstand the impact of overvoltage. The transient overvoltage generated during the operation of the EMU and the lightning overvoltage generated during thunderstorms may cause insulation breakdown of the electrical equipment on the roof of carriage, accelerate the insulation aging process, and affect the normal operation of the vehicle's high-voltage equipment. In this paper, the electromagnetic field analysis software Ansoft Maxwell is used to model and analyze the electric field intensity and potential distribution of the pantograph and its supporting insulators of the EMU. The distribution of the electric field intensity and potential of the pantograph and its supporting insulators under normal operating voltage, transient voltage and lightning overvoltage is studied to understand the weak links of insulation coordination of the high-voltage components, optimize the connection structure mode and the layout of high-voltage components. This is important to ensure the real-time security and efficient operating life of the high voltage system of an EMU.

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