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Nonlinear Aeroelastic Analysis of Flexible Wings with High-Aspect-Ratio Considering Large Deflection

Z. FU, J. LV, Z. LIU


High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) aircrafts exhibit aeroelastic behavior that is quite different from conventional vehicles. A nonlinear aeroelastic model is proposed in this paper. A geometrically exact nonlinear structural model for large deformations developed by Hodges and Dowell has been adopted, which coupled with the nonlinear aerodynamic model to obtain a nonlinear aeroelastic model. Mode summation techniques combined with Galerkin's method are used to determine the governing equations of the problem. Within the analysis, both linear and nonlinear dynamic aeroelastic responses have been considered. The research examines the impact of in-plane degree of freedom on the stability of both zero trim states and nonzero trim states. The stability characteristics of these trim states are also ascertained. The effect of variation of system parameters on flutter boundary is also studied

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