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Stable Periodic Response of One-Way Clutches in a Two-Pulley Belt-Drive Model



The present paper investigates the stable periodic response of a two-pulley belt drive model with a one-way clutch. A dynamic model is developed to couple the rotation of the crankshaft, the accessory pulley and the accessory shaft, and the transverse vibration of the moving belt. The derived piece-wise discrete-continuum nonlinear equations couples integro–partial–differential equations with ordinary differential equations. Applying the 2-term Galerkin truncation method to the two integro–partial–differential equations, a set of nonlinear ordinary differential equations is obtained. The effects of one-way clutch are determined by comparing the stable response curve of the belt drive model with and without one-way clutch. Numerical results demonstrate that one-way clutch not only reduces the amplitude of the angular vibration, but also arouses softening nonlinearities of the moving belt disappears

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