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Operating Strain Response in CICC Coils Through Nonlinear Finite Element Modeling



Superconducting cable, known as Nb3Sn cable-in-conduit-conductors (CICC) with a hierarchical twisted configuration, is served as a current carrier generating high magnetic field in modern tokamaks. However, an unexpected degradation frequently occurs due to the generated strain distribution. In this paper, we simulate some kinds of subcable through Finite Element Methods (FEM) for various cable configurations. The result shows that the material anisotropy of Nb3Sn strand has little effect on the cable behavior in the elastic range, however, in the plastic range, it significantly influences the cable transverse compaction. Furthermore, we calculate global response of subcables with isotropic assumptions and find that the nonlinear characteristics in the global displacement-load curve become stronger with higher level subcable. More detailed results are presented in this paper

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