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Study on the Solution of Reynolds Equation for Micro Gas Bearings Using the Alternating-Direction Implication Algorithm



Being an important micro fluidic component, micro gas bearings are used in different kinds of MEMS devices. In such application, micro gas flow can be encountered which can no longer be considered as the continuum flow and the rarefaction effect must be taken into account. In this paper, firstly according to the 1st order slip velocity boundary, the modified Reynolds equation for micro gas bearings is derived. For the modified Reynolds equation, the procedure of solving it using the alternating-direction implication algorithm is given in detail. Assumed the rotor being rigid body, the trajectory of rotor center, time history, power spectrum and Poincare maps are calculated using the Runge-Kutta method and the dynamical characteristics of the rotor system is analyzed. The study shows that the alternating-direction implication algorithm has a better numerical stability and can be adopted to analyze the nonlinear dynamical phenomena of micro gas bearing-rotor system

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