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Micro-Macro Analysis of Creep and Damage Behavior of Multi-Pass Welds



Different zones of welded joints are subjected to different temperature fields during the process of welding. Furthermore, in multi-pass welding heating and cooling cycles, which occur due to the overlap of the pass beads, form a complex microstructure. In this paper a method of evaluating the creep response of the multipass weld based on the micro-macro mechanics approach is introduced. Multi-pass weld microstructure that consists of columnar, coarse-grained, and fine-grained zones is considered. Materials of these constituents assumed to be isotropic. Weld metal properties of inelastic behavior have a general type of symmetry and are described by an anisotropic creep constitutive model. To model the microstructure of the multi-pass weld metal the representative volume elements (RVE’s) with different number of passes are created and analyzed with FEA software ABAQUS. Numerical tests on uniform loading of the RVE’s are performed. Creep material properties for equivalent weld material are found for welds with different number of passes.

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