An Intertextual Perspective of the Cultural Images in Chinese Tang Poetry and American Imagist Poetry

Ying-Jie GUO


To probe into the relationship between the cultural images in Chinese Tang Poetry and those in American Imagist Poetry, this paper initially works out a definition of the cultural images, and then refers to Julia Kristeva’s theory of intertextuality, holding that even though Chinese Tang Poetry and American Imagist Poetry are two distinctive poetic systems, the cultural images within the two systems do share certain striking poetic qualities and are essentially intertextual. Apart from the discussion about the possibility of fulfilling intertextual thoughts into the analysis, the paper points out that the cultural images are the quintessence of Chinese and American history and they serve as the mediators of transforming the corresponding Chinese and American traditions. Obviously, intertextuality offers a unique perspective to examine the two different national cultural images. And frankly, the study is just under way.


Cultural Images, Chinese Tang Poetry, American Imagist Poetry


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