Research on Construction of the Aged Security Service Chain Model and Industry Chain Model

Wen-Chen GUO, Shao-Sheng SUN, Ning WU, Kai WANG


The aged security service is complicated system engineering. It needs motivate and play the role of the whole society to provide multi-level security service for elderly. Based on interview and literature retrieval, this study summarized four core categories, eight relating categories and many concept categories of the aged security service demand by using grounded theory; using security chain theory, the aged security service chain model was constructed, which consists of the public service chain, the market service chain and the ancillary service chain; using industry chain theory, the aged security industry chain model was constructed, which consists of public service industry chain, market service industry chain, ancillary service industry chain, longitudinal supply-demand industry chain and horizontal cooperation industry chain.


The Aged Security, Grounded Theory, Service Chain Model, Industry Chain Model


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