Research of Situational Teaching Method in Urban Planning Professional English Teaching Reform

Xiao-Tang XIA


Under the trend of internationalization, based on the academic features of urban planning, this paper illustrates the benefits of using situational teaching method in urban planning teaching progress. Then it expounds the content and feature of the four aspects in situational teaching method, those are teaching topic module settings, diversification of teaching design, diversification of teaching ways and network teaching resource database. The paper discusses the application of situational teaching method in the professional teaching, which focuses on the teaching reform.

In order to make urban planning subject better face the trend of internationalization, and satisfy the society to cultivate professional talents in the 21st century, and meet the demand of stronger international competitiveness of foreign-oriented talents, professional English, as a kind of important and convenient language medium, will occupy a more important position in study and communication[1]. Teaching level of professional English has become the important measure to the internationalization degree of college teaching. There-recognition of the role of professional English and making teaching reform has become an important subject to concern in many colleges and universities. But recently, professional English ability in urban planning subject, on the one hand, is from the original foundation of English learning, on the other hand is through school little professional English training course. Due to the course construction is not mature, plus teaching time-limit as an objective reason, as well as the insufficient recognition of students, "read + translation" as a single transmission type of teaching way makes professional English teaching cannot achieve good effects[2]. Therefore, this article tries from the characteristics of urban planning subject, to change the traditional teaching mode, to explore reform and practice of the application of situational teaching method to the urban planning professional English teaching, in order to break through the limited classroom space and time limit, to maximum improve teaching effects.


Urban Planning Professional English, Situational Teaching, Teaching Reform


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