Research on WSN Teaching Model Based on Competition Project

Guo-Qiang MA, Yun-Chen TIAN, Xiao-Lan LI, Ning LU, Rui BAO


With curriculum reform of the IoT (Internet of Things) engineering profession in agricultural colleges and universities, the professional core curriculum of "Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)" teaching reform has become a research hotspot of teachers. We focus on the service for the application of large agricultural areas, the reasonable curriculum arrangement, and innovative the experiment content, improve the teaching effect, and introduce the diversified assessment. We organize students to participate in various professional competition and improve students' interest in learning, cultivating practical ability and innovative spirit, so as to deepen the impression about the understanding of theoretical knowledge. After the teaching practice at two grades students, the result of practice has proved that the project-driven teaching model plays a very good effect.


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Teaching Model, Curriculum Reform


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