Increasing the Competitiveness of Romanian Universities by Merging

Corina RĂDULESCU, Gheorghe M.T. RĂDULESCU, Ovidiu ŞTEFAN, Adrian Traian G.M. RĂDULESCU, Virgil Mihai G.M. RĂDULESCU, Sanda NAŞ


The association of two or more universities has been used since ancient times, and although serving the same general purpose, the forms of association are different. Increasing the competitiveness of universities by merger should not be regarded as a minor issue but as an effect that can draw benefits in solving the real causes that produce these mergers. Enhancing the competitiveness of Romanian universities may be made by merger! This paper addresses this problem by searching and presenting arguments in favor of merging universities in Romania, the implicit decrease in the number of universities, focusing efforts to increase competitiveness. Beside the well-deserved growth of the prestige of Romanian universities, the benefits are many and some are presented in this paper. Obviously, any change in the institutional structure, including through the major action, which is the merger, may also have negative effects; the paper presents some of this aspects, critically.


Universities by merging, Increasing the competitiveness, World university rankings, What to expect, Positive and negative effects of the university mergers


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