The Access to Performance in Romanian Academic System Possibilities for Increasing the Competitiveness of Universities in Romania

Corina RĂDULESCU, Gheorghe M.T. RĂDULESCU, Ovidiu ŞTEFAN, Adrian Traian G.M. RĂDULESCU, Virgil Mihai G.M. RĂDULESCU, Sanda NAŞ


There is a debate among experts who analyse the involvement of universities in the economic life of the geographical area they cover, regarding the role that each of the components occupies, which is considered to directly contribute to regional development: the main product of education, the graduate and the technology transfer of university research. Through graduates with solid knowledge in a particular, current field with insufficient staff are quickly assimilated by society, universities strengthen their position on the educational market. Through technology transfer offers in dynamic areas of the economy, universities not only increase their prestige but procure the funds necessary to complete the financial deficit produced by underfunding, specific of many countries, including Romania, in the current global financial crisis. Universities everywhere make huge endeavours in order to be known, recognized. Therefore, the two aspects (graduate-student and research-technology transfer) are the best and most direct ambassadors for the prestige of any academic school. Romania is no exception, but regardless of the efforts made by academia in our country, most studies on the analysis of the role that universities play in society outline a weak partnership between universities and the economy in general and industry in particular. For this reason, in this paper, we want to analyse the competitiveness of universities in Romania in 2016, their role in economic life, we want to know how much and what part of university research is valued in real life, the causes and effects of the lack of involvement (in a greater degree) of all stakeholders - from governments to research assistants - and, last but not least, we want to discuss some solutions that would increase competitiveness among Romanian universities.


Romanian Academic System, Increasing the Competitiveness, Technology Transfer


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