Research on the Application of Chinese Folk Art Patterns in Animation Design

Youhua Zhu


Chinese folk art is the working people in the long life practice created by the art form of great aesthetic value and cultural connotation, because there is plenty of animation resources, mature image design experience and rich folk culture characteristics, animation image of the design has a very strong reference value. Folk Art in the animation image design applications outstanding performance in the shape, color and other visual elements and by giving current cultural elements and learn from foreign cultural elements and innovation. Chinese folk art is an important element of all ethnic art heritage, is one of the important art in accordance with our current development, the creation of the working people to beautify the environment, rich folk customs and daily life for the purpose of popular art. Chinese folk art is colorful, such as: pottery, stone carvings, paintings, paper-cut, have accumulated working people appreciate beauty, it reflects our colorful folk art. The Chinese animation heritage of the art features, the integration of Chinese folk art of color, conception, composition and other characteristics, the Chinese animation in the world animation market has created one after another new situation, so that our animation a place in the world. Folk art in our possession long national culture in an important position, it is the continuation of our original art, and show a strong vitality and profound historical and cultural heritage. We analyze the characteristics and present situation of folk art, study of its application in the design of animated features for creative folk have the characteristics of modern animation propose specific measures and recommendations.


Fine arts, folk art, animation design, traditional culture, application.


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