The Current Situation and Countermeasures of Human Resources Development of Cross Border E-Commerce Enterprises

Linzhi Nan


With the development of social economy and the need of the development of human society, adapting to the needs of the times, E-commerce appears on the stage of social economy. Through the government's encouragement and support, cross-border E-commerce subverts traditional mode of import and export trade, with its unique development advantage, becomes an important component of foreign trade of our country, provides a new growth point for foreign trade economy of our country. With the globalization of economy and the development of electronic information technology, cross border E-commerce has an irreplaceable position and function in the stage of foreign trade. Its development has a very important significance to economic development of our country and economic globalization, and has become an inevitable trend of the development of foreign trade of our country. However, the rapid development of cross border E-commerce also brings great challenges and pressures to human resources. Human resources have become the key to the survival and long-term development of enterprises, therefore, this paper further discusses the current situation and corresponding countermeasures of human resources development of Cross border E-commerce enterprises.


cross border E-commerce; human resources; development status; countermeasures


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