A Research on the State-owned Enterprise’s Anti-Corruption Risk Prevention Mechanism and Internal Control Construction

JinLong Shi, Jingjing Wang


Since the commencement of 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the CPC Central Committee represented by General Secretary Xi Jinping, has attached unprecedented importance to anti corruption construction and has strengthened the investigation degree on the disciplinary offence behaviors of the party member the leading cadres, which kills rampant misbehaviors around the people from the source. State-owned enterprises are the pillar of the national economy, which should respond to call of the country, in a bid to strengthen the construction of honest and integrity, prevent risks, and build a perfect internal control mechanism. Focusing on the state-owned enterprise’s anti-corruption risk prevention mechanism and internal control construction, this paper conducts a research aiming at starting a discussion.


state-owned enterprise, anti-corruption risk, prevention mechanism, internal control


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